Nutritional Information

Soya Yoghurt Pot

slices of banana soaked in organic honey, topped with soya yoghurt and sprinkled with chia seeds

Nutritional information

Per 100gr: 0.3g

Per 20g piece: 0.1g

Per 100gr: 2.3g

Per 270g: 6.2g

Per 100gr: 0.3g

Per 270g: 0.8g

Per 100gr: 16g

Per 270g: 42g

Per 100gr: 15g

Per 270g: 40g

Per 100gr: 3.2g

Per 270g: 8.5g

Per 100gr: 0.04g

Per 270g: 0.11g

Nutrional information created by Taly Mayan Erez  

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