Nutritional Information


Poached eggs in lightly spiced tomato sauce, garnished with feta served with sourdough bread

Nutritional information

Per 100g: 758kJ/182kcal

Per 330g: 2501kJ/599kcal

Per 100gr: 9.4g

Per 330g: 31g

Per 100gr: 2.3g

Per 330g: 7.6g

Per 100gr: 13g

Per 330g: 43g

Per 100gr: 2.3g

Per 330g: 7.7g

Per 100gr: 10g

Per 330g: 33g

Per 100gr: 0.58g

Per 330g: 1.9g

Nutrional information created by Taly Mayan Erez  

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