Nutritional Information

Protein "All day Breakfast”

Poached Eggs, Avocado & Smoked Salmon served on sourdough bread with baby spinach salad

Nutritional information

Per 100gr: 834kJ/201kcal

Per 330g: 2669kJ/642kcal

Per 100gr: 13g

Per 330g: 43g

Per 100gr: 2.7g

Per 330g: 8.6g

Per 100gr: 6.1g

Per 330g: 19g

Per 100gr: 0.7g

Per 330g: 2.3g

Per 100gr: 13g

Per 330g: 41g

Per 100gr: 1.4g

Per 330g: 4.4g

Nutrional information created by Taly Mayan Erez  

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