Nutritional Information

Grilled Chicken Salad Bowl

Grilled chicken thighs topped on a bowl with a generous dollop of hummus, tomato & cucumber salad, white cabbage, spicy carrots and red cabbage all garnished with tahini sauce

GARBANZOS - Falalfel Salad Bowl.jpg

Nutritional information

Per 100g: 742kJ/179kcal

Per serving: 1484kJ/358kcal

Per 100gr: 14g

Per serving: 28g

Per 100gr: 1.6g

Per serving: 3.2g

Per 100gr: 2.4g

Per serving: 4.8g

Per 100gr: 2.3g

Per serving: 4.5g

Per 100gr: 10g

Per serving: 20g

Per 100gr: 0.06g

Per serving: 0.12g

Nutrional information created by Taly Mayan Erez  

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