Nutritional Information

Falafel Pita

5 Crunchy Falafel balls tucked in a soft pita bread smothered with hummus, red & white cabbage, tomato & cucumber salad & tahini sauce.

Nutritional information

Per 100g: 1051kJ/252kcal

Per 250g: 2627kJ/629kcal

Per 100gr: 13g

Per 250gr: 33g

Per 100gr: 1.3g

Per 250gr: 3.3g

Per 100gr: 24g

Per 250gr: 59g

Per 100gr: 2.6g

Per 250gr: 6.5g

Per 100gr: 8.3g

Per 250gr: 21g

Per 100gr: 0.42g

Per 250gr: 1.1g

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